How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Game

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Golf is really more like an endurance race than it is a simple game of knocking a ball around a golf course for 18 holes. If a golfer has made a commitment to play the game for a lifetime--and many people do--it's more about the player's foundation than any particular shot. A golfer needs strength, endurance, balance, focus and a great swing in order to be successful.

Build strength in your core muscles when you prepare to play golf. You can do this by lifting weights and using an exercise ball, which promotes core strength. You don't have to look like a weight lifter or a bodybuilder to be successful on the golf course, but you do have to generate club-head speed at impact, and strength is one of the key factors.

Get in decent cardiovascular condition to play golf. If you choose to walk 18 holes, you will be walking four to five miles per round. If you are playing in the heat of summer, you will feel drained unless you have decent conditioning through a running, walking or swimming program. If you take a cart to play 18 holes, you will still walk significantly to get up from the cart to walk to your ball and hit it.

Build stability in your swing by getting stronger in your trunk area. The ability to transfer weight smoothly from one side of your body to the other is based largely on staying balanced. Sitting on an exercise ball and doing sit-ups can help you gain the core strength to do this with relative ease.

Learn how to focus on the task at hand. No matter how you have played throughout your round or what else is going on in the rest of your world, you have to focus on the shot at hand to be effective. Concentrate on your body position, hand position, backswing, downswing and follow-through. Don't let other factors affect your concentration as you play your round one swing at a time.

Learn the intricacies of the golf swing. You have to know how to address the ball, how to grip the club, how to swing the golf club and how to follow through. Most people spend a lifetime learning and fine-tuning their golf swing, so it is almost never perfected. But the basics need to be learned, and you have to concentrate on them in order to have a cohesive swing.