How to Apply the Tape When Replacing Grips on Golf Clubs

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For all golfers, it becomes necessary to replace the grips on golf clubs. You can take your clubs to a golf pro shop to have them replaced, but you can also save time and money by replacing them yourself. Professionals and golf experts highly recommend that you replace your grips at least once every golf season.

Use the knife and cut and strip the old grip off of your club. Experts also recommend that you tighten your club to a workbench vice or clamp as to be to cut sufficiently. Cut away from yourself, either straight down or diagonally.

Use cleaning solvent and an old cleaning cloth to remove all of the extra adhesive that is stuck onto the club. Make sure that you dry the club completely before continuing.

Mark with a pencil where the new grip will extend to. Keep your club in the workbench vise for the applying the double-sided tape.

Apply the double-sided tape by beginning from the top of the club and working the the tape into a spiral all the way down to the marking you made. Once the grip area is completely covered, remove the outside of the tape.

Slide the new grip over the tape and squeeze it tightly with your hands all the way down to your marking.

Remove your club from the vice and allow the grip to dry for a few hours.