4 Ways to Hit Your Drive Straighter

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Hitting a great drive off the first tee is a tremendous way to begin any round. Not only are you off to an excellent start, but a big drive also tells your opponent that he is in for some serious competition. However, bombing away off the tee does not always produce great results. You may get "Ooh"s and "Ahh"s when you hit it big, but you will also knock it out of play or into another fairway when you hit it off course.

It's one of the basics of the game. You must square your shoulders to the green. If you want the ball to go straight, make sure your front shoulder is pointing at the target. Then look down and make sure your front foot is directly underneath your left shoulder, if you want to give yourself a chance to hit an accurate shot.

Many golfers think they have to play the ball closer to their front foot if they are going to get the driver up in the air. The driver has a large, flat head, so golfers think they have to sweep the ball up in the air. This will cause a loss of distance and accuracy. If you play the ball too close to your front foot, the chance of hitting the ball squarely as you swing up is quite remote. Playing it in the middle or perhaps one ball length closer to your left foot will give you a better chance to hit an accurate drive.

Remember to start your swing by turning your hips. You get your power by getting your lower body into the swing, and it all begins with a slow and steady hip turn. You do not have to swing hard to generate power. If you turn your hips to the right and then bring them through the hitting zone, you will generate plenty of power. The harder you swing, the more likely you are to throw off your timing and hit an inaccurate shot.

Keeping your head down is perhaps the most important rule that gets broken by golfers of every level. Keeping your head down means you are keeping your eye on the target. You want to hit the back of the ball squarely. If you move your head with the hope of seeing it fly down the fairway, you will most likely miss the spot for which you were aiming.