09 Burner Driver in my bag

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I took some time in making a decision on a new driver. I had a ping TiSi which I bought on ebay a couple of years ago and felt that I was doing OK with it. Driving 250 yards but not consistantly straight, tended to fade right. I purchased a 9.5 stiff shaft 09 Burner and after a couple of sessions on the range it clicked. Oh my god. It feels like cheeting. The club is so forgiving, they say it is designed for people who like to swing, and I do. On my first practise round with it, I gradually increased the effort as I went around. So long as you keep your timing you can really spank this one and it goes for miles. I was driving the same distance as my old ping in to a 3 club wind and still getting the same distance. On a protected hole I drove 30-40 yards past my usual spot but bang on line for the green. I hit all but one fairway; due to a hook; grip too strong, I know this will not suit everyone, but is certainly worth a try, have confidence with it and give it a spank. All i know is that I love this club, I was smiling for 2 days after playing with it and at sub £189 it is a great buy. Hope this helps.